Facebook is continuing its campaign against the privacy updates of Apple’s iOS 14, adding a notice within its iOS app telling users that the information it collects from other apps and websites can help keep Facebook free of charge.

The new pop-up designs were first noticed by technology researcher Ashkan Soltani, who also notes in his Twitter thread that Facebook’s homepage once read “free and always will be.” Oh, the sweet potential irony.

The pop-up screen reads that this particular version of iOS requires them to ask users for permission to track some data from the device to improve ads. The version iOS 14 also offers users to learn how they limit the use of this information if users don’t turn on the device setting.

The pop-up screen further adds that they use information about the user’s activity received from other apps and websites to show users ads that are more personalized. It can help keep Facebook and Instagram free of charge, and it can help support businesses that rely on ads to reach their customers.

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