The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has seized control of a sprawling ‘bot farm’ allegedly operated by the Russian government.

The ‘bot farm,’ reportedly housing thousands of automated accounts designed to spread propaganda and misinformation, was uncovered after months of investigation by U.S. cybersecurity experts. According to sources familiar with the matter, these bots were involved in amplifying divisive narratives and sowing discord on various online platforms.

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“As early as 2022, RT had access to Meliorator, an AI-enabled bot farm generation and management software to disseminate disinformation to and about a number of countries, including the United States, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, and Israel,” the FBI said.

“Meliorator was designed to be used on social media networks to create ‘authentic’ appearing personas en masse, allowing for the propagation of disinformation, which could assist Russia in exacerbating discord and trying to alter public opinion as part of information operations.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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