Chat platform Discord has introduced its own in-app soundboard which users can use in voice channels.

“We’re introducing Soundboard: a new way to react in Voice channels with sounds curated by your community,” Disocrd said in a blog post.

“At launch, Soundboard can only be used or managed on a desktop. However, mobile users can still hear any sounds you play so they’re in the loop when a HONKHONK happens,” it added.

The feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

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Soundboard is a voice channel feature that allows you to play a short audio clip that can be heard by all participants in the same voice channel. Much like Reactions and Super Reactions, Soundboard is a way for you to express yourself and react to the voice channel’s conversation or Go Live stream, according to the company.

To use Soundboard, users will need to go into any Voice channel in their server and they will see a new button next to Activities that looks like a music album.

Clicking on that button will bring up the Soundboard panel.

In settings, users can reduce the volume all the way down if they don’t want to hear sounds from Discord soundboards, and they can also limit who can use soundboards on their server, the company mentioned.

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