An international operation led by the Finnish Customs (Tulli) has successfully taken down the dark web marketplace Piilopuoti, where drugs and other illegal commodities were sold in large quantities.

The Finnish-language platform has been operating on the Onion Router (Tor) network since May 2022. The Finnish Customs was supported in the operation by the German Federal Criminal Office (Bundeskriminalamt), the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau (Lietuvos kriminalinės policijos biuras), and Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre.

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The investigation is still ongoing as law enforcement worldwide works together to identify the sellers and users on the platform.

The takedown of Piilopuoti comes just days ahead of the annual Dark Web Conference, which will take place at Europol’s headquarters between October 4 and 5. The event, restricted to law enforcement, will bring together over 180 investigators from across the world to discuss the latest criminal trends and developments on the dark web.

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