Mixin has announced that the hackers stole around $200 million in a data breach that occurred on September 23.

After learning about the data breach, the company temporarily suspended the services.

“In the early morning of September 23, 2023, Hong Kong time, the database of Mixin Network’s cloud service provider was attacked by hackers, resulting in the loss of some assets,” the company wrote on X on Monday.

“After initial verification, the funds involved are approximately $200 million. Deposit and withdrawal services on Mixin Network have been temporarily suspended. After discussion and consensus among all nodes, these services will be reopened once the vulnerabilities are confirmed and fixed,” it added.

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In addition, the company said it contacted Google and blockchain security company SlowMist to help with the investigation.

Mixin also stated in the announcement that it will announce an unspecified “solution” to deal with the stolen assets at a later date.

“We will try our best to minimize the losses and deeply apologize for this,” the company said.

Last week, global cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx, which recently suffered a data breach, losing nearly $70 million, asked hackers to negotiate with the company while also promising a generous bounty reward if they returned the stolen assets.

Hackers behind the CoinEx attack were identified as the North Korea-sponsored Lazarus Group.

On September 15, CoinEx stated in an open letter, which it posted on X that the hack incident served as a lesson for the company and made it more aware of its responsibility to ensure robust asset security.

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