Clubhouse, the audio-only social networking app that was once the talk of the tech world, is reinventing itself as an audio messaging app.

The company announced the changes in a blog post on September 6, 2023.

Hey all. We’re evolving Clubhouse to be more like a messaging app with a big new update today, available now on iOS and Android. It’s designed to be more social than other messaging apps, and a bit more Clubhouse-y.

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The new version of Clubhouse will focus on private, one-on-one audio conversations. Users will be able to send voice messages to each other, and they will also be able to create group audio chats. The app will also have a new feature called “Chats,” which is a kind of group Instagram story that you contribute to with your voice.

Clubhouse says that the changes are being made to make the app more “personal and intimate.” The company also says that the new features will make it easier for users to connect with each other and build relationships.

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