OpenAI on Thursday updated the ChatGPT application on iOS and iPadOS with the introduction of ‘Drag and Drop’ support.

With this new feature, individual messages can now be dragged and dropped into other applications.

The application now also takes advantage of the entire iPad screen with the new update. Moreover, the company introduced Siri and Shortcuts integration for ChatGPT, which means that the app can now be used directly with Siri and Shortcuts.

Last month, the ChatGPT app was released for iOS users in India as the company expanded the availability of the app to more countries.

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Currently, OpenAI has the ChatGPT app only for iOS and has an Android version in the plans, which it promised to bring soon to the market.

Meanwhile, the company introduced a feature called ‘shared links’ for the app, which allows users to create and share ChatGPT conversations with others.

“Recipients of your shared link can either view the conversation or copy it to their own chats to continue the thread. This feature is currently rolling out to a small set of testers in alpha, with plans to expand to all users (including free) in the upcoming weeks,” OpenAI said.

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