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Digital Inheritance: What You Need To Know About Your Digital Legacy

Digital inheritance is the process of handing over personal digital assets to human beneficiaries. These digital assets include digital estates and the right to use them. It may include bank accounts, writings, photographs, and social interactions. Digital media play an increasingly important role in life and digital inheritance is what is left behind when a person dies.


Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Patched In Booster For WooCommerce Plugin

In order to exploit this vulnerability, an attacker would need to execute two actions. The first action an attacker would need to perform involves sending a request to the vulnerable site’s home URL with the wcj_user_id parameter set to the user ID that the attacker would like to impersonate. This would likely be set to a user ID of 1 because the first user account typically created on WordPress sites is the administrative user account and this is rarely changed.