Microsoft has announced that the Bing Image Creator integrated into AI-powered Bing Chat is now supported in all chat modes.

In March, the company introduced Bing Image Creator to the new Bing and Edge preview, which allows users to create an image simply by using their own words to describe the picture they want to see, and rolled it out initially in Creative mode.

Now, with the new update, users can also use Bing Image Creator in Precise and Balanced modes, Microsoft said in a blog post.

Moreover, Bing Chat will now answer travel-related queries with visual results to help portray answers in Bing Travel.

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“Travel queries now generate more visual results. Ask Bing Chat “What are the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan?” or “What are some good summer vacation destinations in India?” Bing Chat will answer your questions with links for more information in Bing Travel,” the company stated.

The tech giant also increased Bing Chat’s turn limit to 30 chats per session and 300 chats per day.

“Good news, we’ve increased Bing Chat turn limits again to 30 per conversation and 300 per day,” Microsoft CVP of Search & AI, Jordi Ribas tweeted.

Last month, the company expanded Image Creator to all languages in Bing — more than 100 languages, so that users can create images in their native language.

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