The Barbie movie has grossed over $1 billion worldwide, shattering expectations. The film, directed by Greta Gerwig, stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. It has been praised for its humor, heart, and positive messages about female empowerment.

The Barbie movie was released in theaters on July 21, 2023. It was expected to gross around $500 million worldwide, but it has far exceeded those expectations. As of August 6, 2023, the film has grossed over $1 billion worldwide.

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The Barbie movie’s success is due to a number of factors. First, the film has been praised by critics. The New York Times called it “a delightful and subversive take on the Barbie mythos.” The Hollywood Reporter said it was “a funny, heartwarming, and empowering film that will appeal to audiences of all ages.”

Second, the film has been a hit with audiences. It has an audience score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on IMDb.

Third, the film has benefited from strong marketing. Warner Bros. has been promoting the film heavily, and it has been featured in a number of high-profile marketing campaigns.