A cybersecurity firm Avast has released a free decryption tool that will help AtomSilo and LockFile ransomware victims to recover their files for free.

“During the decryption process, the Avast AtomSilo decryptor relies on a known file format in order to verify that the file was successfully decrypted. For that reason, some files may not be decrypted,” Avast’s Threat Intelligence Team said.

Avast Threat Labs said this ransomware decryptor was created in collaboration with RE – CERT malware analyst Jiří Vinopal, who found a weakness in the AtomSilo ransomware earlier this month.

AtomSilo and LockFile victims can download the decryption tool from Avast’s servers and decrypt entire disk partitions using the instructions displayed within the decryptor’s UI.

BleepingComputer tested the tool and recovered files encrypted with an Atom Silo sample using Avast’s free decryptor.

Avast also released another decryption tool to help Babuk ransomware victims recover their files for free.

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