Apple is going to reportedly combine its Siri quality control team of 121 employees in San Diego with the one in Austin, Texas.

Those who choose not to move could be let go on April 26, reports Bloomberg.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed that the Siri quality control team will “have the opportunity to continue their role with Apple in Austin.”

The company reportedly told employees they could apply for other jobs within the company. However, some employees doubt they’re qualified for other Apple roles in the city, and most don’t plan to move, according to the report.

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Apple is the only tech company that has mostly avoided letting employees go like the other Big Tech companies including Google, Meta, and Microsoft have done in the past two years.

Those who wish to relocate, they’ll be given $7,000 stipends. Apple will reportedly offer the others four weeks of severance plus another week’s worth per year that they worked, as well as six months of health insurance.

The San Diego team reportedly listens to Siri recordings in multiple languages, including Hebrew, English, Spanish, and Arabic. Apple recently released frameworks and libraries supporting AI development on code repositories.

The company is also working on optimizing large language models (LLMs) for use on its iPhones.