Apple has started working on a project to change its ‘Hey Siri‘ voice assistant trigger phrase to just ‘Siri’, to make the process simpler.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new feature is in development for the past several months and it is likely to release either next year or in 2024, reports The Verge.

It means that to activate the smart assistant, the user would just need to say “Siri” followed by a command.

To make the feature work effectively, the company needs to put in “significant AI training and underlying engineering work,” as the smart assistant would need to recognize the single wake word in a variety of accents and dialects, the report said.

The two-word trigger phrase “Hey Siri” makes the voice assistant more likely to recognize it.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced a fifth ‘American’ voice for its Siri voice assistant in the beta of iOS 15.4.

Apple’s user-facing interface called it “Voice 5,” but iOS developer Steve Moser reported that its filename referred to the new voice as “Quinn”.

The voice had arrived a little under a year after Apple added its last two American Siri voices, and stopped defaulting to using a female-sounding voice.

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