The tech giant Apple says there are now more than 1 billion active iPhones, an enormous milestone for the company that speaks to the phones’ continued success and longevity. There are now 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use overall, Tim Cook said during Apple’s earnings (via theverge).

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The milestone had been approaching for a while. Apple sold its billionth iPhone in 2016, and in January 2019, Apple said that it had hit 900 million active iPhone users. Apple counts a device as active if it has engaged with an Apple service within the past 90 days.

iPhones did particularly well during the final quarter of 2020, with sales of $65 billion And the company saw more iPhone “upgraders” than ever before. Cook also said that a record-setting number of FaceTime calls were made on Christmas 2020 — a milestone that was certainly helped along by the pandemic keeping many families and friends apart.

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