Early July, a security researcher, Carl Schou, has found that certain Wi-Fi networks with the percent symbol (%) in their names can disable Wi-Fi on iPhones and other iOS devices.

if an iPhone comes within range of a network named %secretclub%power, the device won’t be able to use Wi-Fi or any related features, and even after resetting network settings, the bug may continue to render Wi-Fi on the device unusable, Carl Schow Tweeted.

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Today, Apple has rolled out security updates to address dozens of iOS and macOS vulnerabilities, including a severe iOS bug dubbed WiFiDemon that could lead to denial of service or arbitrary code execution.

Successful exploitation would make it possible to break an iPhone’s Wi-Fi functionality on joining hotspots with SSIDs containing the “%” character (i.e., %p%s%s%s%s%n).

Once triggered on a vulnerable iPhone, iPad, or iPod, the bug would render it unable to establish Wi-Fi connections, even after rebooting or renaming the Wi-Fi hotspot.

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