Akamai has mitigated the largest DDoS attack ever launched against a Prolexic customer based in Asia-Pacific (APAC), with attack traffic peaking at 900.1 gigabits per second and 158.2 million packets per second. 

Akamai said the attack was intense and short-lived, with most attack traffic bursting during the peak minute of the attack. Traffic patterns returned to normal after only a few minutes

“The attack was distributed across our scrubbing network but was most heavily sourced from APAC (Figure 2). No individual scrubbing center saw more than 12% of the total traffic, with the top locations being Hong Kong, Tokyo, São Paulo, Singapore, and Osaka. Forty-eight percent of traffic was in-region. All 26 of our ever-expanding fleet of scrubbing centers saw some amount of attack traffic.”

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Akamai says that the impacted customer experienced no direct or collateral damage, and their services weren’t rendered inaccessible to legitimate customers.

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