Google-owned YouTube has announced that the platform saw over 1.7 billion views on videos related to AI tools so far this year.

The platform also introduced YouTube’s Music AI Incubator.

“The incubator will help inform YouTube’s approach as we work with some of music’s most innovative artists, songwriters, and producers across the industry, across a diverse range of culture, genres, and experience,” YouTube said in a blog post on Monday.

To kick off this program, the company is working with Universal Music Group.

This includes internationally renowned and revered songwriter Anitta, producer and entrepreneur Bjorn Ulvaeus, and innovative genre-defying artist d4vd, amongst others.

This talented group will help gather insights on generative AI experiments and research that are being developed on YouTube.

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The company also expressed its intention to further build on its focus on helping artists and creators make money on the platform.

“We’ll continue to invest in the AI-powered technology that helps us protect our community of viewers, creators, artists, and songwriters — from Content ID to policies and detection and enforcement systems that keep our platform safe behind the scenes.”

In the coming months, YouTube will also share more about specific technologies, monetization opportunities, and policies it is developing.

Last week, the platform announced it would remove content that promotes “cancer treatments proven to be harmful or ineffective” or which “discourages viewers from seeking professional medical treatment”.

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It had said that moving forward, it would streamline dozens of its existing medical misinformation guidelines to fall under three categories — Prevention, Treatment, and Denial.