WhatsApp is rolling out a new “Push name within the chat list” feature in the iOS beta.

Beta testers will now see push names within the chat list instead of the phone numbers every time they receive a message from an unknown group member, reports WABetainfo.
This feature will make it easier for the users to understand who the unknown contact is without any need to save the number as a new contact.

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It will be useful for participants in large group chats where it is difficult to keep track of who is who.

This feature is currently available for some beta testers that install the latest version of WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app, and is expected to roll out to more users over the coming days, the report said.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, it was reported that the messaging platform was working on a new feature for the iOS beta which will allow users to set an expiration date for groups.

When this feature will be released, users will be able to choose from various expiration options such as one day, one week, or a custom date.

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