Getting genuine human traffic is a challenging task for a new blogger. In most cases, the site is not fully indexed in search engines, and you won’t have any ranking keywords appearing on the first page of results. This can be frustrating, isn’t it? So, in many cases, bloggers resort to using bot traffic to increase the online presence of a website. But wait, no traffic is far better than bot traffic.

When we talk about ‘bot traffic,’ we usually refer to automated visits to a website by bots or crawlers. While legitimate search engine bots (such as those from Google, Bing, etc.) are essential for indexing and ranking your website, artificial or spam bot traffic can have negative consequences. This blog post delves into the top compelling reasons not to use bot traffic.

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1. High Bounce Rates

Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who leave a webpage without taking any action. If a significant portion of your traffic comes from bots that don’t engage with your content, it can increase your bounce rate. A high bounce rate may potentially impact your rankings.

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2. Security Concerns

Bot traffic sometimes exploits vulnerabilities in your website. They will try to brute force their way into your website using various username/password combinations, or seek out weak entry points and report to their operators. If you have security vulnerabilities, these malicious players might even attempt to install viruses on your website and spread those to your users. And if you own an online store, you will have to manage sensitive information like credit card details that hackers would love to steal.

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3. Server Overloads

Bot traffic can initiate a DDoS attack by flooding a website with a massive amount of traffic. In certain DDoS attacks, the overwhelming volume of malicious traffic directed at a website causes the origin server to become overloaded. This, in turn, leads to the website slowing down or becoming entirely unavailable for legitimate users.

4. SEO Penalties

If search engines detect manipulative practices, such as using artificial traffic to inflate visitor numbers, it may result in penalties, and your site may be ranked lower or even removed from search engine results.

In the changing world of SEO, being real and engaging with your audience is crucial for success. Instead of relying on fake bot traffic, concentrate on making excellent and relevant content that connects with your intended audience. Growing naturally is essential for a strong and lasting SEO plan. This way, your website can rise in popularity and endure the competition online.