TorGuard has reached a legal settlement with over two dozen movie studios that sued the company for encouraging piracy and copyright infringement.

In the settlement, TorGuard has agreed to block BitTorrent traffic for its users.

According to court documents obtained by BleepingComputer, both the film studios and VPNetworks, LLC  d.b.a. TorGuard, have now agreed to reach a settlement in which the VPN provider will block torrents on its network.

TorGuard will “use commercially reasonable efforts to block BitTorrent traffic on its servers in the United States using firewall technology,” reveal the documents:

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TorGuard has blamed the mishap on its hosting provider, QuadraNet for failing to timely forward copyright violation notices to TorGuard’s registered DMCA agent.

“TorGuard values intellectual property rights of others, as stated in TorGuard’s publicly posted policies. Had QuadraNet sent these notices to our DMCA agent, TorGuard’s ordinary business practices would have been to immediately take steps to stop further piracy.”

When TorGuard notified QuadraNet that it was terminating its relationship with the hosting provider, “Quadranet tried to persuade TorGuard to continue service by offering different terms,” state the court documents.

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