The US-based ODIN Intelligence website, a company that creates tools for law enforcement and government that enable communities to be safer, better informed, more organized, and crime-free, was defaced in an apparent hack on Sunday.

According to TechCrunch, the apparent hack comes just days after it was revealed that SweepWizard, a company-developed app that allows police to manage and coordinate multi-agency raids, had a significant security vulnerability that exposed police suspects’ personal information as well as sensitive details of upcoming police operations to the open web.

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The company also provides Sex Offender Notification and Registration System (SONAR) that is used by state and local law enforcement to manage registered sex offenders remotely.

Last year, it was discovered that ODIN was marketing its facial recognition technology for identifying homeless people in callous and derogatory terms, according to the report.

However, the report said that it’s unclear who defaced ODIN’s website or how the intruders gained access, but a message left behind quoted ODIN founder and CEO Erik McCauley who rejected Wired’s recent report showing SweepWizard was insecure.

“And so, we decided to hack them, reads the message left on ODIN’s website.

Moreover, the defacement also included a set of Amazon Web Services keys, apparently belonging to ODIN, the report added.

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