Uber is introducing new features to address unfair deactivations, and drivers and couriers will request an additional review of account deactivation decisions, including the ability to provide new information to support their case.

“Our goal is to make Uber the best platform for flexible work in the world,” Uber said in a blog post late on Monday.

Drivers and couriers at times feel that Uber sides with customers, especially when it comes to complaints that cause them to lose access to their accounts.

To address this concern, the company has put in place new systems to identify consumers who report incidents and give feedback with the aim of getting a refund or appeasement.

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“Allegations made by these customers will not be considered in drivers’ ratings or drivers’ or couriers’ account deactivation decisions. We’ve been excluding low ratings that are the result of factors outside the drivers’ control — such as traffic delays — since 2017 and will continue to do so,” said the company.

On drug and alcohol use, the company said “These are never allowed while driving with Uber, and we take allegations of impaired driving very seriously”.

“If a US driver accused of driving under the influence of drugs wants to take a drug test to disprove the accusation, we now have a program to assist,” said the company.

Outside of the most serious cases, drivers and couriers should have the ability to request a review of any decision that removes access for more than seven days and can’t be resolved on their own, it added.

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