Elon Musk on Monday said that the micro-blogging platform will “soon” extend “longform tweets” to 10,000 characters.

When YouTuberA@ThePrimeagen, who posts videos related to coding, asked Musk, “the dev community and I were wondering if you could add code blocks to tweets?”

Musk replied: “As an attachment? How many chars? We are extending longform tweets to 10k soon.”

Several users expressed their thoughts on Twitter CEO’s post.

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While one user said, “You’re a crazy man lmao,” another commented, “!! Wow! That’s really good news. Actual microblogging!”

Last month, the company announced that Blue subscribers in the US can post long tweets of up to 4,000 characters on the platform.

Only Blue subscribers can post longer tweets, but non-subscribers can read, reply, retweet, and quote tweets to them.

Earlier, tweets were limited to only 280 characters, which still applies to non-subscribers.

Meanwhile, Musk had said that the micro-blogging platform is “spinning up subscriptions” so that users can “charge” their followers for specific content.

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