Twitter product manager Esther Crawford is no longer employed by the company.

Crawford led various projects at Twitter, including the company’s Blue with verification subscription and its forthcoming payments platform.

More than 50 employees were impacted by the layoffs, which were spread across several departments. Martijn de Kuijper, the creator of the now-shuttered Revue newsletter platform that Twitter acquired in 2021, was also among them, reports The Verge, citing sources.

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With this recent cut, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has done at least four rounds of layoffs.

This is happening despite his promise not to sack more employees after his brutal layoff exercise in November last year that affected two-thirds of the micro-blogging platform’s 7,500 employees.

On Sunday, it was reported that the Twitter CEO was laying off more Twitter employees, and affected employees received notices via email on Saturday.

The recent cut targeted a number of departments, including ads and infrastructure engineering.

Now, the company likely has less than 2,000 employees, which was about 7,500 when Musk took over.

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