Streaming platform Twitch has announced a new program ‘Partner Plus’ which will help streamers to make more money who meet the qualification criteria.

“This new Partner Program benefit will offer a 70 percent share of net subscription revenue to streamers who meet the qualification criteria,” the company said in a blog post.

Streamers in the new program will receive a 70/30 revenue share on net subscription revenue — money from recurring monthly subscriptions and gift subscriptions — for 12 months and up to $1,00,000.

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For three consecutive months, streamers must maintain a sub count of at least 350 recurring paid subscriptions in order to be eligible.

“Once that happens, Partners will be automatically enrolled for the next 12 months, even if you dip below the subscription threshold during the 12-month period,” the company said.

The new program will be launched on October 1.

“Streamers that meet the qualification criteria in July, August, and September will be enrolled in the program and notified in October,” it added.

Meanwhile, in February this year, the streaming platform introduced an “Experiments” page which shows everyone which experiments the company is working on.

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