According to Telegram, it hit the 400 million user milestone a year after reaching 300 million users. Reaching the milestone means it’s doubled its user base since 2018, when it had 200 million monthly active users. The company said it’s seeing at least 1.5 million new users sign up for the service every day, and that it is the most downloaded social media app in over 20 countries.

Buy Me A Coffee

The blog post read, “When we started Telegram 7 years ago, we assumed that people will always choose freedom and quality over restrictions and mediocrity. As the gap in popularity between Telegram and its older competitors narrows, we find more and more validity in that original assumption. Thank you for being smart and free!

Alongside its monthly active users announcement, Telegram also detailed a collection of new features it’s launching today. Users can now add educational snippets to quizzes created on the service, there’s a new directory to browse the 20,000 stickers available on Telegram, and the company is also adding new features to its macOS client.