Samsung is reportedly working on a new 440MP camera sensor, among other projects.

The information came from tipster @Tech_Reve who claimed that the tech giant is working on three new camera sensors– 50MP ISOCELL GN6, 200MP ISOCELL HP7, and 440MP ISOCELL HU1, reports SamMobile.

With its large 1.6-micrometer pixel size, the ISOCELL GN6 camera sensor appears to be a continuation of the ISOCELL GN1 and ISOCELL GN2 camera sensors.

“That’s an upgrade over the ISOCELL GN2’s 1.4-micrometer pixel size and much bigger than the ISOCELL GN5’s 1-micrometer pixel size,” the report said.

The rumored 440MP ISOCELL HU1 camera sensor is expected to be bigger than the 1-inch ISOCELL GN6.

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Back in 2020, the South Korean firm revealed its ambition to develop camera sensors with a resolution as high as 600MP.

Meanwhile, last month, T.M. Roh, President and head of MX Business of Samsung Electronics, had said the tech giant was preparing to launch a foldable tablet.

“Foldables will expand to other categories like the tablet and PC and continue to develop after,” Roh had said in an interview with The Independent.

Asked about an Android folding tablet that has not been mentioned before by the company and doesn’t exist from any other brand, Roh said: “The tablet is a very good product category, one where we can apply the foldable format. Why are Samsung Mobile and I so convinced about the foldable? The reason is very simple. Because it has been part of human history and human nature for so long to read books, or use notebooks.”

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