Hoya Corporation, a multinational Japanese optics technology company, has been hit with a ransomware attack. The cybercriminal group ‘Hunters International’ demands a $10 million ransom payment.

Hoya disclosed the incident last week, acknowledging it had disrupted production and order processing across several business divisions.

Attackers claim to have exfiltrated over 2 TB of data, including 1.7 million files. There’s a threat to release the sensitive information if the ransom isn’t paid.

While Hunters International has been identified in negotiations, they have yet to claim responsibility for their data leak site officially.

$10 Million Ransom Demand

As first reported by LeMagIT, Hunters International demanded a $10 million ransom not to release an alleged 1.7 million stolen files, amounting to 2 TB of data. This ransom demand was also confirmed independently by BleepingComputer.

Buy Me A Coffee

It’s unclear if Hoya will engage in ransom negotiations. Cybersecurity experts generally advise against paying ransoms, as it doesn’t guarantee data recovery and encourages future attacks.

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