Authorities have detected a cyberattack on the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) that has disrupted its services which are likely to be restored by Monday.

“Currently, the NBP’s services to its customers are disrupted, but we are working to address the breach and remain confident that essential customer services will be restored by Monday morning,” NBP said in a statement issued in connection with the cyberattack.

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“The NBP has reported a cybersecurity-related incident which is being investigated,” stated the State Bank of Pakistan in a tweet. “NBP has not observed any data breach or financial loss. No other bank has reported any such incidence.”

The SBP is monitoring the situation closely to ensure the safety and soundness of the banking system, the central bank said.

The NBP confirmed that between October 29 and 30, a cyberattack was detected on the NBP’s servers which impacted some of its services.

Immediate steps were taken to isolate the affected systems, the statement read.

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