Tesla CEO and business tycoon Elon Musk said Grok will be enabled for all premium subscribers of social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

What is Grok?

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Grok is an advanced chatbot developed by xAI, a company focused on pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional chatbots, Grok is designed to engage in more nuanced and complex conversations. It’s been the subject of both excitement and controversy, known for its ability to discuss topics often sidestepped by other AI systems.

This expansion of Grok’s availability follows Musk’s recent statement about open-sourcing the chatbot’s code. This aligns with his criticism of competitor OpenAI and its alleged move away from its original non-profit principles. By open-sourcing Grok, xAI joins other AI players like Meta and France’s Mistral who are embracing a more transparent development model.

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