X on Monday said it has fixed a bug that caused the platform to incorrectly label numerous posts as ‘Sensitive Media’.

According to the company, the vulnerability in its system flagged several genuine accounts.

“A bug in our system caused X to incorrectly label numerous posts as Sensitive Media,” the company posted.

“We’ve fixed the underlying issue and are now working to remove labels from impacted posts, it added.

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Musk also said that an “X spam/scam bot accidentally flagged many legitimate accounts” which was being fixed by the company.

A follower reacted, saying that Musk can also fix the problem with the porn bots.

“Porn accounts should be flagged and there should be some kind of system where as a user, you can have in your settings to allow/not allow these flagged accounts to follow, repost or comment on a post,” the follower posted.

Another user commented: “Community Notes has also been hijacked. Fix that as well”.

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