Tech giant Microsoft has announced the availability of a new feature for its video conferencing platform, Teams.

The feature, called animated backgrounds, allows users to replace their existing backgrounds with dynamic animations during meetings, creating a more engaging and immersive virtual environment.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft stated that the animated backgrounds feature offers various options to enhance meeting experiences. However, currently, only pre-defined backgrounds from Microsoft are supported. To access this feature, users must be members of the Teams Public Preview and use the Windows or macOS Teams client.

To use the animated backgrounds, users can select the desired animation before a meeting starts by navigating to the pre-join screen, selecting Effects and Avatars, and then Video Effects. During a meeting, participants can choose an animated background by clicking on More, followed by Effects and Avatars, and selecting a background.

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Animated backgrounds are not available on low-end devices and require a minimum of 8 GB RAM and a CPU with four logical processors. Users should also be cautious when using video filters as they may slow down background animations if the device is under a high workload.

As the demand for remote collaboration tools continues to rise, features like animated backgrounds can help create a more enjoyable and productive virtual meeting experience.

Users interested in trying out the animated backgrounds feature can do so by joining the Teams Public Preview and following the provided instructions. Microsoft will likely gather feedback from users during the preview phase to further refine and enhance the feature before its official release to all Teams users.

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Furthermore, the company has also announced that the upcoming Windows 11 devices will come preloaded with a new AI-enabled Outlook app, which will serve as the default mailbox application starting in 2024.