Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday announced new features for WhatsApp Communities and its groups.

Now, groups belonging to a WhatsApp Community can create events, making it easier to come together in person and online.

He also announced that members can now reply to admin announcements in Community Announcement groups so that admins can get feedback from members.

Zuckerberg announced the new features on his WhatsApp Channel, saying “If you’re in a WhatsApp Community, you can now create events in your groups and reply to admin announcements.”

“Over the next few months more groups will be able to create events,” he added.

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With events, users can now easily plan their get-togethers directly in WhatsApp, whether it’s setting up a virtual meeting or a birthday dinner. Anyone can create an event and others can respond so the whole group knows who is coming.

Events are coming to groups that belong to a Community first, and will roll out to all groups over the coming months, the company said.

Moreover, the company said adding replies to Announcement Groups will allow admins hear from their members while “keeping these groups an easy place to catch up on what’s happening in your Community”.

Replies are grouped together and minimized so users can see what others have said in context, and notifications are muted for everyone.

Over the next few months, the tech giant will keep rolling out new features to Communities and groups so people have more tools to keep their lives organized on WhatsApp.

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