Europol has seized a total of 1,388 firearms spanning across 16 European countries.

During the action week, hundreds of law enforcement officers carried out more than 630 house searches and 107 arrests.

Nearly 500 converted – or ready to be converted – firearms were recovered during the operation, together with almost 900 firearms. Other weapons, such as air guns or rifles designed to fire metal pellets, were also recovered, along with over 60,000 rounds of ammunition.

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Results of the action:

  • 107 arrests;
  • 636 house searches;
  • 495 unconverted and converted alarm and signal weapons seized;
  • 893 other weapons and firearms seized;
  • 60 192 rounds of unconverted, converted, and live ammunition seized;
  • 19.5 kg of drugs (heroin, cocaine, cannabis).

The operation was led by Romania and coordinated by Europol.