When it comes to X social media platform, Japan is currently leading all other nations in terms of posts, views, searches and active user time spent, its CEO Linda Yaccarino said on Monday.

X owner Elon Musk praised the people who made this feat possible, saying “X Japan team is excellent”.

Yaccarino said that Japan is absolutely shining on the platform “being number one in posts, views, searches, and active user minutes last quarter”.

“It’s definitely a major force in the global town square! So happy to be back with our teams,” she posted on X.

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A follower commented: “Fantastic to see Japan leading the way in engagement and creativity on the platform! Their vibrant presence truly enriches the global conversation”.

“Japan and their people are absolutely awesome,” another Musk follower wrote.

Last week, Yaccarino asked key advertisers to reconsider collaborations with the social media platform.

She made the appeal after the company DoubleVerify (DV) had shown a graphical error of X’s ‘Brand Safety Rate’ on their user interface dashboard.

Yaccarino said that since the error has now been fixed, “I urge those advertisers who have made partnership decisions with X based on the erroneous data to reconsider”.

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