If you have switched over from Android to iOS, you must have been struggling to download files on your iPhone. On an Android device, you can download almost any file type into a neat and tidy “Downloads” folder, and those files can then be accessed with an appropriate app, shared via email, or transferred over to your computer.

On an iPhone, there is no such folder, and saving files from Safari is almost impossible unless you’re jailbroken. Apart from some PDF files, you’ll be able to download them directly (if you’re lucky). With iSaveit from Mobile Innovations, you can now download and save almost any file type without restrictions on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Using iSaveit’s built-in web browser, enter the URL of the page that has the file you want to download. Once the page has loaded, just tap on the download link and select “Download,” which will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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Be aware that iSaveIt cannot save files for use in Apple’s native apps (Music, Videos, etc.), so you’ll only be able to view them in iSaveit, but you can do that even if you’re offline, so the functionality is pretty stellar.

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