Google’s experimental AI-powered note-taking app NotebookLM, is now widely available in the US with new features like a noteboard space and suggested actions.

The feature is starting to use Gemini Pro, Google’s latest model for scaling across a wide range of tasks and helping with document understanding and reasoning.

Google opened up early access to NotebookLM in July, giving testers the chance to try out its source grounding capabilities.

“When you upload documents to NotebookLM, it becomes an instant expert in the information you need for your projects, capable of answering questions based on the supplied sources,” the company said in a statement.

NotebookLM automatically generates summaries and suggests follow-up questions, providing a new way to comprehend difficult text and synthesize connections between multiple documents.

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Google has introduced a new noteboard space where you can easily pin quotes from the chat, excerpts from your sources or your own written notes.

“Like before, NotebookLM automatically shares citations from your sources whenever it answers a question. But now you can quickly jump from a citation to the source, letting you see the quote in its original context,” said Google.

“We’re rolling out new features that dynamically suggest actions based on whatever you happen to be doing. For instance, when you select a passage while reading a source, NotebookLM will automatically offer to summarize the text to a new note, or help you understand technical language or complicated ideas,” the company informed.

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NotebookLM also has new tools to help users organize their curated notes into structured documents.