Google is reportedly working on a new ‘Connected Flight’ mode for Android devices.

The information was revealed by a new patent from the company which appeared online, reports Android Authority.

According to the patent, the feature will work on phones, tablets and laptops.

It seems to be able to recognise when the user is on a plane. If triggered, the device will automatically switch to Aeroplane mode and return to normal mode once it determines that the user is landed.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are expected to be supported with the feature which will likely adapt the Wi-Fi settings to the particular type of connection the aeroplane will accept.

However, if it notices that the battery is low or that the network quality is poor, it might disconnect from the network.

It appears that pressure changes, ultrasonic signals, a plane’s Wi-Fi signal and the booking activity for travel would work as potential triggers, the report said.

According to the patent, the process happens “in response to having determined that the sensor has detected information indicating that the mobile computing device is located on the aeroplane”.

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