Google is rolling out its topic filters to Search results on desktop, which the company introduced as a part of a carousel redesign on mobile in December last year.

According to the tech giant, this feature “helps you drill down or discover something new about a specific topic,” reports 9To5Google.

Moreover, the related topics are designated by a plus sign.

‘Tools’, which now appear closer to the edge of the users’ screen and might require scrolling in an unfortunate downside, now has an “All filters” dropdown.

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Also, the feature helps users quickly refine their search results with less typing.

“Topics are dynamic and will change as you tap, giving you more options and helping you explore new areas. For example, if you tapped on ‘healthy,’ you might see ‘vegetarian’ or ‘quick’ appear next, the tech giant had said.

Meanwhile, last week, the company introduced new features to its Search engine — “Perspectives” and “About this author” — and also expanded some of its current tools, including “About this result”.

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