Google Maps has rolled out Immersive View in four new cities — Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice — and also expanded the feature to over 500 iconic landmarks around the world, from Prague Castle to the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Android and iOS.

Google launched the Immersive View feature earlier this year using AI to fuse together billions of images and create a multidimensional view of the world with trusted information layered on top.

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“If you’re planning a trip to Boston and want to see the historic Faneuil Hall, you can get a jump start on familiarising yourself with the area before you visit. Just search for it in Google Maps and tap on the first video to virtually soar over the building and find places nearby,” Google said in a blog post.

Moreover, the company said that with the time slider on Google Maps, users will be able to see what the weather will be like at different times of day and how crowded it will be so they can plan their trip accordingly.

The tech giant also launched a glanceable directions feature in Maps, helping users easily track their trip progress right from their lock screen or route overview.

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