Automaker General Motors (GM) has announced that it acquired substantially all the assets of Israel-based battery software startup ALGOLiON for an undisclosed sum.

The startup has developed sophisticated software that uses data streams from EV (electric vehicle) battery management systems to help identify anomalies in cell performance to ensure proper vehicle health management and provide early detection of battery hazards, including thermal runaway propagation events.

“ALGOLiON has developed cutting edge battery analytics and prediction software that will help General Motors deliver great performing EVs for our customers,” Gil Golan, Vice President, Technology Acceleration and Commercialisation (TAC), said in a statement.

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Founded in 2014 by Niles Fleischer and Alex Nimberger, ALGOLiON developed the software that uses sophisticated algorithms to identify minuscule changes that could impact battery health weeks earlier than other methods in use today without additional hardware or sensors all while the battery is still operating properly.

“We found the right home for our technology to play an integral role in maintaining healthy batteries for exciting products and reach customers globally,” Fleischer said in a statement.

Moreover, the automaker mentioned that the ALGOLiON employees, including the company’s founders, will remain based in Israel and join more than 850 employees at the GM Technical Center in Herzliya, Israel.

Meanwhile, GM has announced that it will integrate Tesla’s electric vehicle (EV) charging standard in its future EVs.

“We’re teaming up with Tesla to enhance your electric vehicle experience. More charging stations, less range anxiety, and more sustainable journeys. It’s about your convenience, not our competition,” GM tweeted.

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