Facebook has announced two new models of its Portal video calling devices.

The 10-inch portable Portal Go, priced at $199, and next-gen Portal+ with a 14-inch HD tilting display priced at $349. Portal Go and Portal+ will begin shipping on October 19; pre-orders are open now at portal.facebook.com.

“With remote work becoming a long-term strategy, distributed teams can benefit from feeling like they’re together in the same room. So we’re reimagining how Portal is used work – at home and in the office – by unlocking opportunities for collaboration in the spaces where business gets done,” the company said in a statement.

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The Portal Go is the first version of Facebook hardware that works with a battery.

Facebook’s Portal is almost entirely intended for video calling. Portal Go brings Portal Smart Camera video calling to a new portable version.

It’s designed to let conversations move from room to room, with an integrated handle and long-lasting battery to make portability easier.

Portal Go includes a 12MP camera with an ultrawide field of view for immersive video calls.

The new 14-inch Portal+ also features a 12MP Smart Camera with an ultrawide field of view.

All Portal devices now support Zoom, Cisco’s Webex, BlueJeans as well as GoToMeeting and in December, Portal will add support for Microsoft Teams.

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