Leading enterprise video conferencing solution Cisco Webex has introduced a new meeting summaries feature, which offers an overview of a meeting’s key points

With the new feature, users can “automatically generate the most critical elements of a Webex meeting, extract the key points, and capture action items with owners”, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday.

This feature will be a time-saver for attendees unable to join a meeting by eliminating the need to listen to a recording or read through transcripts.

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The company also mentioned that it is bringing summarisation functionality to its video messaging tool ‘Vidcast’.

“Automatically generated video highlights, in the form of short clips, make communicating asynchronously even more effective. And with chapters, viewers can quickly navigate to the most important parts of the video,” it added.

The platform also introduced a new Conversation Summaries feature which allows agents to use the power of artificial intelligence to build a real-time knowledge base of customer interactions and automatically generate chat and call summaries

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