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Category: DATING


The Pros And Cons of Online Dating

If you decide to go on a date with a person you meet through a dating app, approach it the same way you would meet up with any stranger. Always meet in a public place, and tell a trusted friend or family member when and where you’re going. If things get uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to end the date early and stop communicating with that person.


The 19 Best Dating Apps for 2023

These are some of the top dating apps of 2023—whether you’re searching for a serious relationship, a casual hookup, or even a partner who likes bacon cooked the same way you do. These days, there’s a dating app for just about every interest and relationship type. All that’s left is finding the right match.


Blind Date Tips For Adventurous Daters

When it comes to blind date tips, you can essentially break them down into two subcategories: tips for helping you have a great time, and tips for making sure meeting up with a total stranger doesn’t end up being something out of a horror movie. To that end, consider the following advice from two leading American dating experts.


How To End A Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is characterized by dysfunctional behaviors that meddle with your health and well-being. According to licensed therapist Stephanie Wijkstrom, characteristics of toxic relationships include invalidation, guilt, gaslighting, name-calling and using anger and forgiveness to control outcomes or a partner’s behavior.