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How To Fix “Unfortunately App has Stopped” Error in Android

From a beginner Android user to an expert one. We all have encounter an error on Android i.e. the ''apps are stop working'. This type is error is really annoying. It appears when you're in...

How to Prevent Your Android Phone from Overheating

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly upgrading their products in order to stuff the best hardware available in the market. We’ve reached a stage where phones are running on 6GB of RAM and incredibly powerful processors....

How To Increase RAM of Android Device Using SD Card

RAM – Random Access Memory allows to run background applications as many as we want.It is required for multi tasking.It also required for playing high graphics enabled games. Today all most all the smart phones...

7 Tricks To Increase Internet Speed In Android Mobile

Internet has become an essential part of our personal and professional life. Be it students, businessmen, home-makers or professionals, access to Internet is necessary for all to perform a range of activities. With mobile...

How To Tell if Your Android Has Been Hacked ?

Smartphones are almost always connected to the internet, so it stands to reason that they can be hacked remotely. Or perhaps a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend got hold of your device physically, in which case...

Factory Reset Protection (FRP): What You Need To Know

Factory Reset Protection helps keep your data safe if your phone is lost or stolen, but you need to remember to disable it before a new user can set it up and sign in. Factory...

How to Fix ‘Insufficient Storage’ Error: Delete Cached Files in Android

You've deleted everything you can think of and still Android says it has "insufficient storage available" to install that app update. Panic not, there is a fix. These days most budget Android phones will...

Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Rooting a world not every user dares venture into. We wouldn’t blame you if you are wary of doing this. It’s intimidating when manufacturers keep telling you tinkering with a phone can void your warranty...

8 Great Android Apps That Protects Your Privacy & Security

There are over 1.43 million apps on the Google Play Store, and more than 500 billion downloads. That’s a lot of apps, but which are the best for protecting your device and staying safe?Android...

Five Awesome Android Tips & Tricks

If you use a smartphone, chances are it’s an Android. Not only are there multiple phone makers that embrace the operating system – including the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto, Sony, and so on...


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