Google Takeout is a handy service Google provides that makes downloading your data as easy as signing in, selecting files, and downloading the resulting ZIP file. Whether you’re creating multiple backups of important files, rebuilding contact lists, editing photos and video on your laptop, or any of a dozen other things, Google Takeout is the simplest way to move your stuff from Google’s digital domain into your own.

To backup Gmail data, Google creates an archive of all the data and let them download using ‘Google Takeout’ option and here’s how to do it.

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  • Open ‘Google Takeout’ website on any browser or can directly visit
  • Login using Gmail account credentials
  • Once logged in, users need to select all the services for which they want to download the data on their PC.
  • The list of services includes Gmail, Maps, Activities, News, Calendar, Contacts, YouTube, etc.
  • After making the selection, click on the ‘Next Step’ button.
  • Here users need to customise archive format by selecting the archive frequency, file type, file size, etc.
  • Once done, click ‘Create Archive’ button from the bottom right
  • Wait for the process to complete and download.
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