Apple is embroiled in a legal battle with a former employee, accusing him of breaching confidentiality agreements by leaking sensitive information about Apple’s Journal app, the development of the VisionOS headset, and more to the press and other tech companies.

The lawsuit, filed in California state court, targets Andrew Aude, a former iOS software engineer at Apple.

Apple claims that for five years, Aude used his work iPhone to leak details on a variety of Apple products and internal processes. This allegedly included information about unreleased projects like the Journal app and the secretive Vision Pro headset. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges leaks regarding:

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  • Product development policies
  • Regulatory compliance strategies
  • Employee headcount figures
  • Internal staffing details

According to the lawsuit, Aude engaged with journalists, including one from The Wall Street Journal, codenamed “Homeboy,” sharing details like finalized features for the Journal app over phone calls. He’s also accused of sharing internal staffing information with a journalist at The Information.

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