Apple has published a support document to help users who are having issues with the HomeKit.

The page mentioned what to do if users can’t access a home or accept an invitation in the Home application.

According to the iPhone maker, users need to open the Home app and tap the More button to view a list of houses on the invited user’s iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPadOS version 16.2.

On that device, remove homes that do not have accessories and restart the invited users’ and the home owner’s devices.

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The homeowner will then need to remove any pending invitations to the invited user, and then re-invite the user to share control of the home.

Earlier this week, several users reported issues and problems with the Home app after the upgrade was installed on devices running iOS 16.2.

Issues reported by users included HomeKit devices stuck showing “updating” or “configuring” status, devices going missing entirely, invitations to share the Home with other users failing, HomeKit Secure video recording not working, and much more.

However, later, the company confirmed on a support page, “We temporarily removed the option to upgrade to the new Home architecture. The option to upgrade will return soon. If you have already upgraded, you are unaffected by this change.”

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